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The “Classroom Project”


Investima LLC, a Delaware Consulting and Communication company based in the USA, is pleased to present today in Greece a product for the promotion of educational businesses and services. Having 32 years of educational experience in Greece and a long presence since 1995 in the field of Strategic Communication in Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and the United States, we can today safely and effectively support educational companies, knowing very well their needs.


“The Classroom Project” is the result of this process and the tool for achieving a strong and attractive public image, which is an important condition for building relationships of trust in a critical area such as education. This is a project based on designing and enhancing the publicity of good practices in the educational field using many electronic media and communication techniques.


The services included in the project concern students, teachers, parents, the local community, vulnerable groups, etc. The support of our partners is provided by our two companies, the School of Didactics in Greece ( and Investima LLC in the United States. All our collaborations are protected by the assignment of rights and provision of services with geographical restrictions.