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Collaboration with the P.N.C.P.C.M.

This is a project in collaboration with P.N.C.P.C.M.


The Institute of Management of Man-Made and Natural Disasters has posted on its pages and published on social media in the context of its educational information from 2018 until today, to the citizens, instructions for protection against earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, floods-rapid waters, intense weather conditions and industrial accidents, including instructions for the protection of persons with disabilities, which are regularly updated in accordance with the instructions of the relevant government agencies.


Given the concession of the auspices of many state bodies to IDAFK, after our cooperation, big steps were taken by us in the direction of communication with schools and the realization of training in our areas. We were pleased to see the impact of these actions, but at the same time other concerns were raised regarding the more effective dissemination of general philosophy and culture for the new generation in matters of Civil Protection, a reason that led us to plan new actions.


We have designed a new program called “Bridge for Education”, which we address to teachers. We believe that visits and training in schools would have a dramatically greater impact and results if they were preceded by collaborations and training with the teachers themselves.