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Building leaders through manager mentorship programs


Manager mentorship is important for every company in order to be an attractive place to work. Every company should look at its employees and consider whether they might benefit from some type of manager mentor.


In our company, we offer manager mentorship programs to help managers learn how to manage and lead their teams. Our goal is to help them grow in their roles so that they can continue to be successful in their managerial positions. Our program consists of a series of workshops and training that managers are required to attend. In these workshops, they learn about different topics, such as how to give feedback, how to deal with difficult employees, and how to motivate their team.


The program is open to all department managers, and it pairs recently promoted or first-time managers with more experienced mentors. Benefits of the program include (but are not limited to) formal and informal learning opportunities, guidance on career growth, feedback on managerial skills, problem-solving support, and networking. The majority of participants in our manager mentorship program report feeling more confident after completing the program.