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Online show “Bridges of Education”

This is a project about the improvement of education.


Since 2012 we have served consistently, responsibly, and professionally the education at all its levels. We believe in the power of the teachers and that is why we support them with passion and dedication.


The continuously increasing needs in the field of new knowledge and the new trends in education indicate and impose new outlines in the philosophy and practice of educational systems. The project aspires to be a modern educational tool that will creatively, functionally, and dynamically connect the last two grades of Primary School in an inseparable unit with the High School and the Lyceum with axes of the courses of Modern Greek and History.


  • A closer association between Secondary Education and Higher Educational Institutions is achieved
  • We provided opportunities for improving teaching methods by adding additional materials based upon research/experimentation
  • More highly qualified teachers are able use their expertise for developing differentiated curriculum based on study or research
  • We have provided the highest number of students with a higher level of education