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PRsolutions – The Experts Group

This is a project about the field of public relations.


The company was founded in 1994 by the Communication Specialist and Educator Fotis Pantopoulos and remained active in the Greek market until 2014. During this time the company undertook major projects in the fields of Public Image, Tourism, and Public Relations for agencies, persons, and products in Greece and Italy.


Our executives developed scientific articles with a great impact on specialized publications and electronic media in Greece and dealt with the field of Consulting. As a result, the company became particularly well known for projects related to Research and Development in Strategic Communication, Organizational Behavior, Management, HR, and PR.


  • Design and Implementation of Strategic Communication, Public Image, and Public Relations Projects.
  • Research and Development in Communication Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Management, HR and PR.
  • Educational Programs in teaching subjects such as Marketing, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, etc.
  • Partner Training (unpaid) in all the above fields.
  • Business Consulting in all the above fields.