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Fotis Pantopoulos


CV Summary

Fotis Pantopoulos is specialized in the field of Education, Didactics, Security, and Business.

Fotis is a graduate of the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Athens, with postgraduate studies in Communication and Counseling. He is Communications Specialist, Educator, and Safety Consultant. Since 1995 he has been active in the field of Strategic Communication in Italy and Greece with specialized PR and Consulting projects. In addition, in 1990 and for 17 consecutive years he had been selected from a globally recognized country for its expertise in security and had attended both in Greece and abroad special “schools” for teachers/trainers of adult executives, which has been crucial for his development as an educator in matters of methodology and teaching. In 2014 the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly, at which Fotis is now a Research Associate, integrated his work into its scientific and research activities. Moreover, he develops specialized scientific articles in print and electronic media in the field of Business and manages the communication strategy of people, services, and products. His research interests concern various topics, such as strategy, quality of service, social media, online education, Millennials’ interaction with the internet, and alternative tourism. Currently, he is developing and leading a teaching program in private education, at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly, the Hellenic Police Academy, and the Hellenic Fire Academy. Finally, since December 2021 he has held the position of Director of Security, Digital Transformation & Training at the Institute of Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters (IDAFK P.N.C.P.C.M.) in Greece.

Expertise covers

Training of Teachers

Teacher training helps teachers to understand how the training materials are being used, which helps them to be able to communicate with their students in an effective manner.

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Content Writing

Content writing is the process of producing content for the web. This can include articles, blog posts, website copy, and more. Good content is key to a successful online presence.

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The market for VIP security is continuously growing as the world becomes an increasingly dangerous place.

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Marketing consulting has to do with how you sell the products you produce. It also has a very significant effect on how much you charge for those products.

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Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is a critical sector of the global economy, and it is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of consumers.

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Copywriting is the process of writing effective and persuasive advertising copies.

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Strategy consulting is a professional service that helps organizations to improve their performance, modify their strategy, and execute it.

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Greek Language

The Greek language has a long and rich history dating back to antiquity. Today, it is still a popular language for business, travel, and culture.

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