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Strategic Communication, Organizational Behavior & Public Relations

Our History

The company was founded in 1994 by the Communication Specialist and Educator Fotis Pantopoulos and remained active in the Greek market until 2014. During this time the company undertook major projects in the fields of Public Image, Tourism, and Public Relations for agencies, persons, and products in Greece and Italy. Its executives developed scientific articles with a great impact on specialized publications and electronic media in Greece and dealt with the field of Consulting. As a result, the company became particularly well known for projects related to Research and Development in Strategic Communication, Organizational Behavior, Management, HR, and PR.

The Modern Challenges in Strategic Communication

Communication is a fundamental skill used in all aspects of human life. There are, however, different types of communication that take place between generations. The challenges of intergenerational communication often stem from the fact that each generation uses different communication styles that may be difficult for other generations to understand.

Strategic communication is a process in which individuals and organizations communicate strategically to achieve their goals and objectives. The principles of strategic communications are based on the assumption that public opinion influences decision-making and other decisions that can affect the strength and influence of an organization. The goal of strategic communications is to create a positive image for an organization among those that can influence its power, influence, and reputation.

Since the advent of the internet, we have been bombarded with messages from every direction. The media is everywhere – from our screens to our ears. To be heard, we need a strategic plan for how to communicate in the digital age. Content strategies help businesses and organizations create a consistent story that can be told across all channels. They also help these brands stay true to their values and goals while reaching their target audience on the Internet through content marketing efforts.

The primary challenge for those working in strategic communications today is to stay informed as technology rapidly changes the way people communicate. To stay relevant, communicators need to stay on top and invest in communication technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Being in this field and having many years of experience, we decided to focus our actions on new fields, emphasizing the information and training of business executives. To this end, we have partnered with “Innovatebiz”, European innovation and consulting program, and the “School of Didactics”, a model training center that deals with the training of executives of many specialties, in order to teach courses such as Marketing, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, etc.

The New Actions

  • Design and Implementation of Strategic Communication, Public Image, and Public Relations Projects.
  • Research and Development in Communication Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Management, HR and PR.
  • Educational Programs in teaching subjects such as Marketing, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, etc.
  • Partner Training (unpaid) in all the above fields.
  • Business Consulting in all the above fields.

Our Partners

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