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ΑNS Annual Meeting (June 2022) at Anaheim, California: The meeting’s theme and the presentation of the research of our partner Maria Pantopoulou

The theme for this year’s meeting is “The New Outlook”. The organizers typically mention the following: “We’ve been through a lot in the last 2 years: a global pandemic and associated disruption of the global economic system, broadscale shocks in energy prices and availability, and strengthened international momentum toward deep decarbonization and ultimately Net Zero. There is palpable excitement in the nuclear community about the future prospects for the harnessed atom. Challenges await, but a new wave of nuclear technology innovation promises to play a larger role in the evolving geopolitical landscape. Now is the perfect time to re-examine how and where nuclear fits in our new world. It is also a great opportunity to meet a new generation of nuclear professionals and build relationships that will last a lifetime”.

Below you can watch the presentation of our partner Maria Pantopoulou research work based on “Wireless Quantum Key Distribution for Small Modular Reactor Secure Communications”. Congratulations Maria!

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